Sunday, March 24, 2019

Wrapping Up March

I hope everyone enjoyed the show this afternoon. Personally, I love seeing those kids having so much fun. GVT is definitely a gift to this community.

Just a few reminders:
1. Financial aid is open until March 31.
2. It's time to sign up for new contracts.
3. A new school calendar for the rest of this remaining school year will go out at the beginning of the week.
4. Pages+ Fiesta Dinner is this Thursday at 5:30. Please join us.
5. Galaxy Nacho lunch is Friday.
6. GES Auction is coming up on May 4.

The end of the year is closing in on us. Please help your student stay strong and motivated as we wind up our studies. There's always more to learn... for all of us!


Sunday, March 17, 2019


Happy first week of Spring! Now let's hope that the weather agrees with the season.

Here's what's coming up:

  • Monday 3/18 - St. Patrick's Day celebration. Students are to be festive and wear some green to school or just stick with the school uniform.
  • Monday 3/18 - $10 contribution for the taco/nacho lunch due. 
  • Friday 3/22 - Taco/nacho lunch. Come join the Galaxy for lunch on Friday. All donations will go toward the end of the year field trip.
  • Sunday 3/24 - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland at Green Valley Theater. Plan to gather in the lobby at 2:00 for the 2:30 performance. I have the tickets.
  • Thursday March 28 - Pages plus family Fiesta. Please come from 5:30-7:00. More details to come in the school newsletter.
This week in the Galaxy we will be exploring fossils and evolution, learning about the people and events of the Civil War, finishing up persuasive essays, honing math skills, and playing with passive/active verbs. I've incorporated a little bit of yoga and stretching into our day along with intentional mindfulness. We all seem to be enjoying the change. It's good stuff for healthy bodies and minds.

As always, don't hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, suggestions, or even just to say hi.

Mrs. J

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Choosing a Path

I'm sure you have all been enjoying this beautiful Spring-like day. It certainly is a wonderful follow-up to a successful Greenbrier County Social Studies Fair. All the students who were present and represented the Galaxy class received 1st place ribbons and will be moving on to the regional SS Fair to be help April 6 at Oak Hill High School. Kudos to Aiden, Casey, Ian B., Indigo, Julia, Mary, and Maxine.

We'll have a shortened week due to the septic mishap. Thankfully, all will be in working order and sanitized by Tuesday. Remind your students to finish up any outstanding assignments and come to school Tuesday prepared for their spelling and geography tests.

This week we'll discuss the Trail of Tears, complete outlines for persuasive essays, and explore fossil records. Friday morning we'll visit Lewisburg's City Hall and experience a poignant exhibit about the Civil Rights Movement in our local community. Then we'll go to the North House and learn about the Civil War. We are so fortunate to have such a rich history right in our own backyards.

The end of the school year is sneaking up and with it our Williamsburg/Jamestown/Busch Garden field trip. We also have some fundraising that needs to get done and so... please come to a meeting this Wednesday from 3:30-4:00. This meeting is important and so is mandatory. We will be covering the details of the trip, signing permission forms, and planning for the taco lunch and yard sale fundraisers. Mark it on your calendar.

Field Trip/fundraiser meeting - Wednesday, 3/13 3:30-4:00, Galaxy Room, Parents and students

The students seem to be enjoying Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It's a crazy read but has some worthwhile thoughts. I love the quote that I've included in this post. I know that speaking as a parent, my husband and I want our children to have some sort of idea of what kind of life they want, what kind of person they will be, and what their dreams and aspirations are. We want them to be strong and secure so that they don't go down just any old path. These are important years. I feel extremely blessed to be part of the GES community; a family of educators, parents, and children who care about who they are and where they're going.

Mrs. J

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Job Well done!

I'm so proud of our students. They made possible what at times they thought was impossible. With some hard work - focused attention - perseverance, they completed the task and excelled. The GES Social Studies Fair was a success and the panel of judges revealed these results:

1st place

  • World History - Indigo Graves
  • Sociology - Mason Jones
  • US History - Ian Lowthorp
  • Economics - Ian Burford
  • Anthropology - Maxine Casto
  • Geography - Aiden Bebee
1st place
  • World History  - Casey Blair, Julia Troyer, Mary Johnson
2nd place
  • Economics - Cody Wood
  • US History - Jordan Wood
3rd place
  • World History - Baylor Wooton
  • US History - Jada Church
The 1st place winners are invited to move on to the county competition which will be held next Saturday, March 9 at Western Greenbrier Middle School. Students will set up their displays between 9-10am with the judging taking place from 10-12. Judges are needed for this event. I judged last year and it was an interesting and worthwhile experience. Please consider giving back to out community by volunteering to be a judge.

This week we'll learn about Andrew Jackson, his influence as the President, and his Indian Removal policy. We'll explore fossils and mass extinctions. We'll continue to wrap our heads around independent and dependent clauses, and we'll begin the first steps of persuasive writing. 

The classroom is always open to visitors and participants. Please plan to take some time out of your day and spend it with us. 

Mrs. J

Sunday, February 24, 2019

"Who are you?"

We've jumped down the rabbit hole and have begun our adventures with Alice in Wonderland. This classic provides many interesting themes for class discussion - the foremost one being the idea of finding one's identity. These early teen years are often confusing and frustrating due to all the changes going on not only physically but mentally and emotionally. Lewis Carroll's story is full of life lessons presented in a nonsensical manner. We're having fun with it. Please let me know if your child will be attending the GVT production on Sunday, March 24 at 2:30 pm. Student tickets will be paid for by GES. Adult tickets are $15 and senior (over 60) tickets are $13. I will be making the final reservations tomorrow Monday, February 25.

This Friday is the GES Social Studies Fair. We'll spend this week presenting student projects to the class and tweaking them as needed. All projects should be completed and brought to class tomorrow. Please plan to visit the fair on Friday and support the students by appreciating all their hard work.

March dates to remember:

  • Friday, March 1 - GES Social Studies Fair
  • Friday, March 15 - Visit to the North House
  • Friday, March 22 - Taco lunch fundraiser
  • Saturday, March 30 - Yard sale fundraiser

I've attached the rest of the student I Am poems below. Enjoy.

Mrs. J

I Am Poem
Character :Emma

I am the girl who was left behind
I wonder what freedom is like
I hear the drop the drops of the rain
I see the home that I have in my dream
I want to see the faces of past
I am the girl who was left behind
I pretend to act like I’m brave when I am not
I feel the warmth of embrace
I touch the cloud overflowing with rain
I worry to never see freedom
I cry for the tears that have been shed
I am the girl who was left behind
I understand money runs the world
I say run for the horizon
I dream of my past
I try to understand what I can
I hope to go someday
I am the girl who was left behind

By: Victoria

                              by Wood, Cody
                        Day Of Tears by Julius Lester
          I am a dreamer and respectful
          I wonder if I will see my sister one more time
          I hear words that hurt me inside
          I see people get whipped
          I want to be free
          I am a dreamer and respectful
          I pretend I’m ok
          I feel sad and hurt
          I touch my scars
          I worry I will never be free
          I cry that I will be whipped
          I am a dreamer and respectful
          I understand I will never be free
          I say that there should not be slavery
          I dream I will be free
          I try to be hopeful
          I am a dreamer and respectful

I am observant and powerless.                               
   I wonder what freedom sounds like.                             
    I hear the unjustified abuse of the victims of malice.
      I see the brutal, unhuman mess of a world.
        I want a solution.
          I am observant and powerless.
           I pretend I am free.
             I feel the ache from the lack of compassion.
               I touch liberty, though it is just out of my grasp.
               I worry about tomorrow.
             I cry about bondage.
           I am observant and powerless.
         I understand that I shouldn’t understand much.
       I say people should all be respected.
     I dream for freedom to a happy life.
   I try to be content.
  I hope that sometime I will have a reason to be content.
                                   I am observant and powerless.

CHARACTER: Frederick Douglass
                   BOOK: Narrative of Frederick Douglass
                   AUTHOR: Frederick Douglass

I am charitable and answerable.
I wonder why there is enslavement.
I hear god’s tears.
I see god crying.
I want to be free.
I am charitable and answerable.
I pretend I am free.
I feel connected.
I touch hearts.
I worry about Sara.
I cry about being sold.
I am charitable and answerable.
I understand I am needed.
I say I will be free someday
I dream of being free
I try to please Master Butler
I hope to be free
I am charitable and answerable                             Baylor

I Am Emma
Day of Tears, Julius Lester
By Casey

I am hopeful and quaint,
I wonder about the ongoing trades,
I hear the arguments in my head,
I see the faith in others,
I want to stay hidden in a crowd,
I am hopeful and quaint.
I pretend that i'm invisible sometimes,
I feel what others feel,
I touch hopes that were already gone,
I worry about what isn't real,
I cry the unfairness of the grand scheme of things,
I am hopeful and quaint.
I understand that i’m not exactly perfect,
I say get the joke,
I dream that it will be different some day,
I try to help the best I can,
I hope for unreal ideas,
I am hopeful and quaint.

Day of Tears
Julius Lester
I am loyal and trusting.
I wonder what would happen if I escaped.
I hear people talking about escaping.
I see Charles talking to Emma
I want my son to be proud of me
I am loyal and trusting
I pretend I am free and with my son
I feel like I’ll be free if I’m loyal
I touch freedom
I worry what will happen to Charles
I cry that Charles left
I am loyal and trusting
I understand why Charles set the barn on fire
I say the best way to survive is to be loyal
I dream I will be free and happy
I try to stay loyal
I hope to be free
I am loyal and trusting